Free charging station for your electric vehicle in front of your home or business!

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New generation low-cost charging stations, manufactured in Bulgaria.

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We are a leader in manufacturing low-cost electric vehicle charging stations.

What advantages you will benefit from if we provide you with a charging station?

  • 01

    Lowest charging cost

    We can offer the lowest cost for charging your electric vehicle.
  • 02

    High quality

    Charge up to 100% without interruption
  • 03

    Quality connection

    between the charging station and your vehicle
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  • 04

    Connect quickly

    Easy to use
  • 05

    Free maintenance

    24/7/365 days in the year
  • 06

    Access control

    Monitor statistics, pricing and discounts

$260 Million

Daily savings for gas

If no flying vehicles are predicted to come true in the near future, then we're certainly already entering the era of electric cars.

1300 electric vehicles

Are being sold every day in the world

Atmosphere anomalies, that we witness more often are sufficient reason for us to take measures for the protection of the environment. One of the important steps in this initiative is developing vehicles which do not pollute around with harmful emissions.

Our mission:

Make the world cleaner, keep nature's resources and bring comfort for people.

Thanks to our users, the GigaCharger network has saved:

210 428.66 кг. *

carbon dioxide (CO₂)

*Data is approximate and cannot be used for scientific purposes.

Our public charging points in your smartphone

What is needed to begin charging your vehicle?

1. Download the application for Android, iOS or HarmonyOS (Huawei).

2. Sign up;

3. Select a station around you and begin charging.

4.Платете с банкова карта, Revolut или PayPal.

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