Зарядна станция за дома

Charging station in front of your aparment building or house.

Are you considering to purchase an electric vehicle? Do you have questions around how and where to charge it? If you live in a house and own a garage with electricity - this is great. But if you live in an apartment building? GigaCharger can solve this problem for you. Our charging stations are very convenient and small, which allows them to be installed anywhere without bothering anyone. You can mount them on the wall or directly on the sidewalk. Ordering is fast, easy and FREE. All you have to do is let us know convenient place and point of contact to whom we'll be paying the electricity used. This is all! We'll take care of the rest. You pay nothing for the station itself or for installation. GigaCharger has a few tariff plans - depending on your needs. It depends if you want to pay the electricity directly with the supplier or you prefer to use our tariff. Whether you want anyone else to use the station or just yourself?

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Please note you might need to ask your neighbors not to park on your charging place.